I am a specialist in the Indo-European language family, in particular Tocharian, an extinct language of the Indo-European family spoken in spoken in Eastern Central Asia. I am also a specializing on the Indo-Aryan sub-branch, in particular the Romani group. Further, I have worked on Amazonian languages, in particular of the Tupí branch.
Currently, I am project leader and editor/database manager for an unique project that aims at compiling big data sets for tracking prehistoric language contact within the linguistic areas of Europe and the Amazon, with a focus on the Indo-European, North-East and North-West Caucasian, Kartvelian, Tupí and Arawak language families. The data has recently been made publicly available at the project homepage.

Diachronic Atlas of Comparative Linguistics

Another project aims at producing an electronic and paper dictionary of Tocharian.

Homepage of project CeDICT.

Besides, I have worked on langage contact between Scandinavian, Romani, and secret languages, as well as sound symbolism in Germanic languages.  See Books.
Most of my publications are available open access at

Updated 2018-05-31