Grammar data

Grammar data on the DiACL database is divided by macro-regions. Currently, there are three regions, Eurasia, Pacific, and South America, and of these, Eurasia is most well provided with data. The raw data sets can be downloaded here, which will render an xml file with all the data and the meta-data for languages.

The data is different from several other similar resources, such as WALS, mainly since the data is organized according to hierarchical categorical features. The hierarchical model is described in several publications, such as Carling et al (2018), and Carling (2019) Mouton Atlas of Languages and Cultures.

The prepared grammar files, used for the maps, graphs, and visualizaitons of Mouton Atlas of Languages and Culture (2019) are available on the DiACL Zenodo Library. Grammar data from this publication is given as Appendix 2b and 2c (Appendix 2a of the volume is a list of features, which can be downloaded on the webpage). Appendix 2a gives the grammar features as state combinations with a labels, as they are used in maps of the atlas. Appendix 2c gives the state combinations of 2b, as they show up in languages. Check the atlas, pp.211-225.