I am Associate Professor (Docent) in General Linguistics at Lund University with a background in Comparative Indo-European linguistics.

I wrote my Master thesis on strong verbs in Germanic languages. As a PhD candidate in Comparative linguistics at Gothenburg University 1995-2000, I studied the functions and reconstruction of local cases in Tocharian, an extinct Indo-European language of Central Asia. Thereafter, I was a postdoctoral fellow at The Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study in Uppsala, where I investigated language contact between Romani chib and Swedish, and the impact of Romani on Swedish vernacular language. My second postdoc stay was at Christian Albrecht University, Kiel (2001-2002), where I specifically looked at valency changing patterns in Tocharian and Indo-European. After that, I was granted a research stipend to start writing a dictionary of Tocharian at Department of Linguistics, Lund University (2003-2004). Again, I went to Uppsala for a post-postdoctoral stay (2005-2006), where I continued working on Tocharian and language contact in Central Asia. I came back to Lund again (2006) for a project on language mixing and language contact in Scandinavian Romani. Besides, I have also spent much time at École Pratique des Hautes Études/Sorbonne in Paris, working with Tocharian and other languages. My research interests are dead and moribund languages, language diversity and evolution, language and culture, and language documentation. I have written several scientific and popular scientific books on various topics, two of which have been awarded with scientific prizes.
 Check out my research projects on language evolution, Tocharian, and gender: DiACL, CeDICT, CHRONOS, GENDER.