I am Full Professor of Comparative Linguistics at the Department of Empirical Linguistics, Goethe-University, Frankfurt am Main. I was previously Associate Professor in General Linguistics at Lund University. Other universities, where I have studied or worked, include Christian-Albrecht-University, Kiel (Germany), Uppsala University, Gothenburg University, Linköping University, Stockholm University, and Kristianstad University (all in Sweden).

My research interest are dead and moribund languages, language diversity and evolution, language and culture, and language documentation. I have written several scientific and popular scientific books on various topics, two of which have been awarded with scientific prizes. Two languages of particular interest to me are Tocharian and Romani chib. 

Check out my research pages for publications on various topics, including historical linguistics and language evolution, Tocharian, Romani chib, or South American linguistics. 

In addition, I am a musician and composer. Some material and references can be found on the Music page