New homepage and blogg

Dear readers,

this blogg has been down for a couple of months. My web hotel has been restructuring and rebuilding completely, and while starting up the new page, things didn't work from start. Still, some of the links in the page are invalid (for instance for downloading articles and papers). Meanwhile, I can refer to Academia and Researchgate, but I will keep on working with the new page.

A new, important function of the page is an instruction page for downloading and using research materials from the database DiACL, the Zenodo community DiACL or other resources that are related to research articles or data sets. The page doesn't yet contain much information, but it will be continuously updated.

A new, very exciting paper about vocal iconicity in 245 unrelated languages has recently been published (ahead of print) in Linguistic Typololy by Niklas Erben Johansson in collaboration with me and other researchers. The paper will soon be openly available.